Main Entrees

Select Four Entrees in the list below as part of your Office Package Plan.

(1) Chicken with Cashew

Chicken sauteed with crispy cashew nuts and vegetables in a tasty brown sauce.

(2) Beef with Broccoli

Beef with fresh broccoli lightly stir-fried.

(3) Kung Pao Chicken (Hot)

Hot! Chicken sauteed with peanuts and fresh vegetables in minced ginger and garlic sauce.

(4) Chicken Lo Mein

(5) Sweet and Sour Pork

Deep-fried pork sauteed with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce.

(6) Mandarin Egg Foo Young

Your choice of chicken, beef, and vegetables topped with our very special gravy.

(7) Vegetable Delight

Mix of Chinese green garden vegetables in a delicious clear sauce.

(8) Bean Curd Home Style (Hot)

(9) Beef with Vegetable

Beef stir-fried with fresh seasonal vegetables.

(10) General Chicken (Hot)